Using programming

The program in this slide, for both physics and computer science students, shows the process of sampling different input signals, calculating the bit rate and size of the data file.

Coding skills are essential in many occupations and especially within all STEM subjects. Maths Matters is accompanied by the complete coding environment, code the curriculum, which is designed to help teachers, whether or not they are computer scientists, to teach programming skills in their own subject areas.

It provides an environment which is close to the real world of commercial programming, needs no set-up to start and, though simple to use, is immensely capable. Within mathematics it offers the opportunity for students to learn how to write programs which reinforce their learning, such as finding the areas under curves (analytically or numerically), using an iterative method to find square roots, or using Euler's method to solve differential equations. It is also an ideal environment for students of physics, computer science and engineering, at secondary and tertiary levels, to build working schematic models or calculate solutions to the problems they encounter.

Computing and STEM (STEAM)

code the curriculum is an integrated computing environment in which all programming output can be graphical, which makes it easy to produce working schematic models. Almost any type of computing problem can be tackled and student creativity is not limited. It requires no special set-up and works on any device, so students can start programming straight away - almost every instruction produces a visible result on screen. Students gain expertise in coding as a result of writing programs to solve the problems they encounter in mathematics, physics and engineering - an expertise they can take into the world of work.

A*Star Education Ltd is a British education technology company based in Cambridgeshire.