Ease the process of lesson preparation

Maths Matters saves time and reduces teachers' workload; lessons are complete, self-contained and can be used without modification, each written by a qualified mathematics teacher. It is intended to provide the highest quality content across the range of topics without being prescriptive.

Maths Matters lessons and interactive simulations offer clear explanations as well as opportunities to explore, across the mathematics curriculum

Detailed curriculum coverage

From arithmetic, fractions and percentages in number, to algebra, 3D trigonometry, mechanics, data handling and calculus, each lesson has been written specifically to provide the best explanation for the topic. Due to the versatility of the format, materials aren't restricted to templates, so explanations can be tailored precisely to the needs of students.

In order to explore concepts fully, nearly every lesson (except where extra interactivity doesn't enhance the learning), includes bespoke built in programs that seemlessly complement the introduction and explanation slides. In the classroom, these activities can be used to see in depth how mathematical principles work, or to rapidly create specific worked examples for the whole class.

In creating this product, the goal from the beginning has been to remove all the friction of technological considerations, so that decisions become editorial in nature and to give the opportunity to be extremely ambitious in our approach. All content has been written specifically to produce the very best outcomes.

All main topics are covered by complete interactive lessons.

For students, Maths Matters can be used as a reference guide that's always available to help with homework or general understanding.

The programmable drawing tools can be controlled manually, but you could set the dimensions of a triangle and watch them draw a perfect inscribed circle.

In illustrating rounding to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000, the number line and accompanying text automatically adjust to the values that the user sets with the green slider.

In finding the equation of the normal to a line, the user can change the equation of the line and the coordinates of the point, hide or show the working and optionally show a triangle as a help to find the slope of the normal.

For inverse proportion, the example of an spacecraft shows the effect of gravity at different distances from the centre of the earth. Using the slider to change the height above the surface adjusts the diagram as well as all of the working.

All accurate constructions required for GCSE and examples of isometric drawings can be undertaken automatically by the programmable drawing tools.

In the lessons for performing arithmetic with proper fractions or mixed numbers, the embedded programs show full working and the final, simplified result.

Ideal for teaching in person and online

Lessons are self-paced, combining animated introductions, clear instruction using step by step working and fully-featured bespoke programs. It allows the best of all worlds. Unlike video, animation sequences progress entirely under the user's control, moving through explanations with ease, with minimal extra preparation and no special technical skills required to deliver.

Lesson content displays optimally on all screens with the advanced lesson player.

All lessons created using Maths Matters are designed to work on almost any type of device, on any screen size, using a lesson player that resizes automatically, with content looking fantastic in every scenario. Entirely new ways of learning become possible. Phones can be used for front of class teaching by connecting to large screens, touch screen tablets for home use, while the carefully designed content streams clearly across the internet, greatly enhancing the online learning experience.

Every part of Maths Matters, from the user interfaces to the text, images and bespoke tools, has been designed for maximum impact. User interface components are sized to be simple to operate on even the smallest devices, such as smartphones, without getting in the way of the main teaching points.

Fully editable content

Maths Matters comes with in-built content creation tools. These are the very same tools that were used to create the main lessons, and are provided to all Maths Matters users. Create and share lessons, taking advantage of the functionality of the platform, such as the powerful animation engine and versatile interactive widgets.

Graphs can be created in seconds and customised for almost any purpose. Interactive rulers, compasses and other drawing tools can be called upon at any time, and animated perfectly in sync with explanation text. For particularly complex topics, such as transformations, fully pre-built widgets are available which can be added into the slides to make representations that would be otherwise nearly impossible. Anybody can now create lessons of the highest quality, with minimal effort.

Teachers can set multiple questions before revealing the working and answers. All possible examples of multiplying a three-digit number by a two digit number are contained in a single program slide.

For the most complex situations and simulations, the included code the curriculum environment allows for the creation of full programs and dynamic simulations. Programming skills can be employed create unique, relevant mini applications that can either run standalone or embedded within a lesson.

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